High-purity building blocks for flexible use

For research. For development. For production.

Synthetic building blocks for industry and pharma

Our diverse key structures make every possible synthesis option available to you. We offer functionalized heterocycles, carbonyl compounds or chlorinated, brominated and fluorinated compounds (among other things) as flexible building blocks for your synthesis. Whether it’s material sciences, pharmacy or cosmetics: our building blocks are already successfully used in every field. A few selected examples are available here.

Pharma­ceutical Industry

As a reliable partner of the pharmaceutical industry, we research, develop and produce high-quality (early) intermediates, APIs and excipients in quantities ranging from grams to tons.


Cosmetics ­industry

Our cosmetic ingredients for bodycare and antiaging products are manufactured to the same strict requirements as our active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).


Food ­industry

As an expert supplier, we supply the food industry with high-quality food supplements. The controlled origin of our raw materials, as well as the continuous documentation of manufacturing, are a matter of course for us.