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Quality products for industry

We manufacture customer-specific products within the scope of a confidentiality agreement as well as a wide variety of high-quality fine chemicals. Some of these originate from our own synthesis research and process development. Our diverse key structures make every possible synthesis option available to you. As building blocks for your synthesis, we offer functionalized heterocycles, carbonyl compounds or chlorinated, brominated and fluorinated compounds, among other small molecules. Whether it’s material sciences, pharmacy or cosmetics: our building blocks are already successfully used in every field. We are particularly proud of our high-purity trifluoromethanesulfonic anhydride (CAS 358-23-6), of which we supply several dozen tons to our customers annually.

Product overview

The following overview only provides a rough outline of our product portfolio. For more detailed information and a wide range of other interesting compounds, please see our product list.

  • Ingredients and auxiliary materials for cosmetic and dermatological applications
  • Triflate derivatives
  • Fluorinated acrylate and methacrylate compounds
  • Chiral fluorinated and non-fluorinated building blocks
  • Fluorinated aliphatic compounds
  • Fluorinated aromatic compounds/heterocycles
  • Piperidine derivatives
  • Piperazine derivatives
  • Pyridine derivatives
  • Pyrimidine derivatives
  • Phthalimido derivatives

“We apply all our broad know-how and extensive experience for the benefit of our customers.”(Our sales manager)

Custom development

Partnership throughout the product life-cycle: We will take care of the synthesis research for your molecule and develop an efficient and robust process to manufacture your product for further use in the cosmetics, food supplement, pharmaceutical industries or other related industries. All activities are accompanied by tailored quality control and continuous support from our quality assurance department.


Custom manufacturing

We offer more than just “fee for service”. As your strategic partner, we will listen to your specific needs associated with the manufacturing process. Always in line with cGMP guidelines.